A Letter of Encouragement

hey guys,

I get it. Adoption is not the easiest thing to be talking about, and there can be some awko-taco questions it brings up internally and externally, amiright?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in feeling this way. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I even started writing about this to begin with! So, in a way, because you are feeling the way you feel, this blog exists! Thank you!

Let me encourage all of you awkward ducks out there to not feel so awkward about having questions or about needing clarification. In fact, just don’t feel awkward about anything you’re thinking or feeling! This is an open space, an accepting space, a mostly non-judgmental space (unless you’re wearing capris OR socks with your sandals and then I’m sorry but no. Just no. I love you, but no.).

Whether you are new to the world of adoption and have no idea what a word means, or whether you are new to my story and have no idea what I mean by (insert something here), feel free to have a voice. You can comment publicly or you can message privately and you will be heard and loved and mostly not judged. Hey, you don’t even have to be talking about adoption! If this blog moves some other part of your heart, that is just as valid and will be just as well received.

The point of this writing is to start a dialogue, not about this blog but with this blog. That’s an important distinction that makes the difference between a conversation being successful, and a conversation becoming stagnant. I’ve already received so many words of encouragement & so many related stories. These make my heart incredibly happy. Together we have a pretty powerful voice, and together we can enlighten people about the beautiful side of adoption.

So join with me in talking! It’s my favorite thing to do and I hope it becomes yours as well.



p.s. I have a few friends who are involved in the adoption world. Please feel free to bring awareness to your work or life by linking or commenting below!

2 thoughts on “A Letter of Encouragement

  1. I appreciate your posts, and yes I am aware that this may seem creepy commenting on a 6 month old post but hey…All of us adoptees are a little odd(in a good way) anyways right? I am 20 yrs old now and I was adopted at 13 months old and am finally coming to terms with my being afopted…to know I’m not the only one who’s wrestled with things in the back of my head for, well my entire life, is reassuring.


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