A Year Later

Hello my wonderful readers, long time no read. I was recently reminded by a friend that this blog still exists and that they wouldn’t mind hearing more from me. So, here is more from me.

There are several reasons that my blog-self fell off the face of the blog-earth (Blearth, if you will). One of the major reasons was that I didn’t want to seem like your typical white girl, writing a blog in her spare time while sipping on iced coffee thinking people cared about what I had to write. Egotistical much? (If this offends you, you are probably a typical white girl who has a blog that is done in your spare time while you sip on an iced beverage. I’m with you, girl. Cheers.)

I also knew that I wouldn’t do the blog well. I knew I wouldn’t give it the love and nurture it needed to be a productive and happy little blog. I’m the type of gal who doesn’t like to do something if I’m not going to do it well. So, since I knew I wasn’t going to do it full-butt, it was easier to stop doing it half-butt and leave the Blearth up to the professionals.

Additionally, there is only so much time in a day and writing papers for my classes does not = me wanting to write more for a blog that is “for fun”. You know what’s not fun? More HW, even if it is for a blog.

However, as my friend reminded me, “writing is so powerful” (Friend, 2019). Plus, if I cared that much about what people thought of me, my life would look a lot different than it does now (as would my outfit choices).

So, haters gonna hate, please feel free, I respect your decision to hate and wish you all the best as you go about hating. Hate on my typical-white-girl, iced-coffee-loving, no-clue-what-the-point-of-this-blog-is, self. For all of you lovers, love away. I’m a big fan of that.

Wow, I just realized that my last post was almost a year ago. When I forget about things, I forget about them WELL! Hot dang.

At this point, if you’re social media friends with me and you don’t know that I am adopted, I had a baby who is adopted, and I know my biological family.. well, you’re not a very good stalker and I feel somewhat bad for you while also feeling like maybe there is hope for humanity?

If you didn’t know the above information, now you’re all caught up. You. Are. Welcome. Let’s journey into more recent happenings.

As of my last post, I was reminding everyone how big of a planner nerd I was (still the case and forevermore will be). I was reminiscing on high school and what a terrible experience that was (still the case and forevermore will be). And then I thanked my friends for being my friends, because honestly, thank you so much 4ever 4lyfe iluvu.

What’s been happening recently, you wonder? Well, lots.

  • I still work at TPR full-time, loving it.
  • I completed my certificate of college counseling from UCLA.
  • I started my Masters of Strategic Communication at American University full-time, loving it.
  • I started teaching piano lessons every weekend, loving it.
  • I started babysitting every weekend, adoring it.
  • I started playing on the worship team at church, which is so great.
  • I still occasionally substitute teach at a local school, #blessed.
  • My husband and I started ice skating lessons, killing it.
  • We joined a small group, living it up.
  • We started couple’s therapy, this is new and we like it so far.
  • Oh! We got married in May. I keep forgetting. It was fantastic and so fun. So, we’re married now.

In between those items mentioned above, we have been Netflixing like there is no tomorrow, loving on the puppies because they’re irresistible, and in true “Alana-fashion”, redecorating/organizing the apartment any chance we get (I might be in the wrong field of work).

Needless to say, life is busy but pretty wonderful.

I don’t have any life-changing takeaways to leave you with in this post as it is more of an update on my life (seriously, think of your own life-changing takeaway)(and then share it with me), but I’d love to hear if there is anything you’d like me to write about!

If not, I will try to think of something brilliant while sipping on my iced coffee and honestly, we’re all better off if you just make a topic recommendation.

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