Twelve Days of Christmas: Day One

For the first day of this twelve-day-challenge, I recruited special little elves – the girls I babysit every weekend! They were the perfect helpers for this task.

We decided to bake cookies, put them in cute little bags decorated with Christmas stickers, and hand them out at the park. We were already going to the park for a play date, so it was kismet!

The girls LOVED handing out these bags of cookies, and everyone seemed to enjoy receiving them – once they got over the initial shock of being handed cookies by little girls (or maybe it was the shock of realizing what the sugar would do to their children in five…four…three…two…one…).

One little boy even came over and asked if he could help pass them out (and no, he didn’t sneak any cookies while doing so).

This was super easy to put together and so fun to do with the girls. They loved placing the cookies in neat rows to be baked and putting stickers in not-so-neat rows all over the baggies.

We, of course, treated ourselves afterward with cookies and drove around looking at Christmas lights.

It was magical.

What was your good deed of the day? Let me know!

Ho, ho, ho! Happy Twelve Days of Christmas!

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