Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Two

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Welcome to day two of the Twelve Days of Christmas kindness challenge!

Today was the BEST SUNDAY EVER. We had so much fun, SO MUCH FUN.


What was so great about today? Thanks for asking, let me tell you.

  1. We went to church with our new friends (shoutout to Mackenzie & DJ).
  2. The sermon perfectly coincided with this kindness challenge – which was so cool – (shoutout to Pastor Kenny) and I’ll share the link to the sermon as soon as it’s published so y’all can listen!
  3. We got coffee after church and had so much fun getting to know M & D. We are beyond excited to have another couple friend in Austin and can’t wait to hang out with them again!
  4. K & I got a couple’s massage (this was our Christmas gift to each other) which gave us ample time to catch up. We’ve been so busy recently so having this time where we were basically forced to talk was amazing (lol, I know how funny that sounds).
  5. We randomly ran into other awesome friends that we don’t normally get to see – perfect day!
  6. While the weather was abnormally hot (December 15th, what?), it allowed us to take the dogs on a lengthy walk.
  7. Kyle wants me to add that he got a new planner for 2020 and is really pumped to put stuff in it (eye roll, I’ve changed him so much).

Today’s deed was handing out a Target gift card to a family. It was a very quick encounter but they seemed to appreciate the gesture!

I find myself wanting to apologize for how “lame” today’s deed was. I think I feel this way because of how low-effort it was, but if you apologized over this, I would argue with you. Low-effort is still effort!

How perfect is it that in today’s sermon, we were reminded that Mother Teresa said we can all do small things with great love? This was a small thing done with love! Clearly, I needed to hear this message.

What was your good deed of the day?

The first person to comment their good deed of the day will win the SUPER cute holiday card above, made by my friend, Theresa Haddow (click on this link to see what else she does)!

The winner can pick if they want a handwritten note from me, or if they’d like the card blank to use for a gift 🙂

This challenge has already filled me with so much joy and I firmly believe that whatever you put into the universe, it will be returned. I hope you join me on this journey.

Ho, ho, ho! Happy Twelve Days of Christmas!

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