Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Four

Ho, ho, ho! Happy Twelve Days of Christmas!

As mentioned in a previous post, we hosted a refugee family through Refugee Services of Texas (RST) for Christmas this year. What that means is that RST sent us a Christmas list for a family containing toys and essentials, we shopped, wrapped the gifts, and delivered them to RST to give to the family.

Today’s good deed was delivering the gifts to RST so that they can get them to the family in time for Christmas!

Kyle & I were discussing how we really enjoyed this process because we know that the items we bought will be appreciated AND utilized. This will become a tradition for us moving forward and we are excited for next year.

Today was ridiculously busy. Even though it felt non-stop, when I look back on the day I realize just how productive it was.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t fathom incorporating a good deed into the day, I feel you. I have found that planning them in advance helps save some time and guesswork.

I also believe that, with a little creativity, there are many free ways to good-deed-someone-up. However, I didn’t put THAT much planning into this series (blaming grad school again), so spending money it is! Thankfully, with us having bought less presents this year, we have more wiggle room in our budget for this kindness challenge.   

Interested in buying something for a RST family? Click on this link to go to their Amazon wish list!

Do you have any recommendations for free ways to do a good deed this holiday season? Leave me a comment below!

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