Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Three

Ho, ho, ho! Happy Twelve Days of Christmas!

Clueless? Catch up on what we’re doing here! It’s not too late to join the kindness challenge 🙂 Day One can be found here! Day Two can be found here!

Today was Venmo day. This idea was inspired by two people –

Shelby Sorrel – A while back, she posted an awesome recommendation to spontaneously Venmo friends so they could get a drink on you!  

Jessie Moore – She posted a similar recommendation to randomly gift someone money via Venmo, in the spirit of holiday love and cheer!

This was so fun (and easy and quick) to do.

  • First, I requested Venmo accounts via Facebook (feel free to copy the wording below!)
  • Then, I sent the money – Treat yo’self!
  • And…you’re done!

Quick and painless, and hopefully it inspired some smiles 🙂

How have you randomly shown kindness this week? I’d love to hear!

Ho, ho, ho! Happy Twelve Days of Christmas!



Drop your Venmo names in the comments below! Mine is @InsertyourVenmohandlehere

We all struggle from time to time and just a little help is all that most of us really need to get by or make ends meet! Pick a name and send them ANYTHING that your heart says give. Let’s keep this cycle going and if by chance someone blesses you then pick someone else on the list and be a blessing to them, if you are able to! 

Feel free to add cute comments such as, “Get a drink on me!” or “Dollars for your thoughts? Call me sometime to catch up!”

Even if it’s just $1, let someone know they are on your mind today.

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