Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Nine

Ho, ho, ho! Happy Twelve Days of Christmas!

Today’s kindness challenge was to randomly send someone a book.

This was REALLY difficult for me because…

  1. there are so many people I want to send books to
  2. there are so many books I want to send to people

I restricted myself to three people and three books, but I’m not telling you who! It will be a surprise when the books arrive tomorrow 🙂

While I won’t tell you who, I will tell you what books I sent.

These are two books that I’ve recently read and really enjoyed (more on that later) –

Childfree by Choice: The Movement Redefining Family and Creating a New Age of Independence

In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom

If you order these books via the links above, I will receive a small payment. Thank you!

What was your good deed for today? Let me know – we’re running out of time!

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