Feeling feelings (that should be felt)

The inspiration of this blog post comes from a phone call I just had with a friend of mine who is going through an unplanned pregnancy.

They let me know that, amongst seeking council from other sources, they went to my blog when they realized the situation they were in.

Then, they called me.

BRB, need to go cry because even though this totally isn’t about me, I feel so loved and appreciated and important.

Every moment that has been spent on this blog has all been worth it for this one person to have had somewhere to look when they felt all the feelings that come with an unplanned pregnancy.

This is a reminder that all the feelings you’re feeling, whether negative or positive or TBD, you are not the first person to have felt those things. You certainly won’t be the last person. And, most importantly, whatever you are feeling is completely okay and should 100% be felt. You don’t have to stay in those feelings but be true to yourself and allow yourself to process what you are feeling.

That’s what makes life so wild – we can all have the exact same feelings while experiencing completely different situations. Or, we can all experience the same situations while having completely differently feelings. Isn’t it absurd and wonderful?

That’s it. I’m done. I can retire now. I have fulfilled my work here.

Just kidding, I’ll talk with y’all later.

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