Do you ever get really excited about something, make all these plans, and then reality hits? Me too.

Over the holidays, I had a two week break from grad school. It was incredible. I was rested, energetic, and full of excitement for all these plans I had made. I get really creative when I get enough sleep! One of the goals I made was to post once a week on my blog in 2020. I felt like this was a reasonable feat, one that if I planned appropriately, would be attainable. LOL.

Reality started to hit when my semester started back up and I realized that once a week was NOT going to happen. No worries, I thought to myself. I’ll change my plan to posting once every other week – every other week is totally attainable. If I block off one day every two weeks, I can do this. LOL.

So now that reality has fully set in, I’m here to inform you that there is no schedule for this blog until graduation. Plan? What plan? Forget my color-coded notebook full of ideas. It is no longer relevant.

Ya’ll, I’m just trying to make it through grad school.

Keep an eye out for random posts that I post randomly as I randomly have time to breathe & oh, write for personal pleasure? Okay. Keep an eye out for that.

I graduate in late April. Please pray for me every day until then.

In addition to graduating in the first half of this year, Kyle & I will be going on our (late) honeymoon to Italy! I would love to write more on that, so let me know if you’d be interested in reading & what information you’d like to see!


Homework Procrastinator

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